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When it comes to being charged with a criminal offense in Hoffman Estates, it is in your best interest to find someone who will advocate for your rights, understand your individual situation, and fight on your behalf. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney with the knowledge, skill, and ability to resolve your criminal defense case efficiently, with an end result you can be satisfied with. If you are facing a misdemeanor charge in Hoffman Estates or a major felony, you need an attorney who will be aggressive when it is necessary.

Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Representation Serving Hoffman Estates

LaPapa Law Group believes that anyone who is charged with a criminal offense deserves to be represented by counsel that is not only competent, but also tenacious. He also believes that you should be provided a jury that is impartial to your case, a jury that will listen and view all of the evidence before making any decisions about your case.LaPapa Law Group truly cares about their clients, and he has demonstrated that through his legal representation of countless felony and misdemeanor cases, PCS cases, UUW cases, and federal court cases.

He also believes that people of Hoffman Estates that are charged with criminal offenses should have legal representation that is not only experienced, but also aggressive, if necessary. Oftentimes, criminal cases require an attorney who has advanced negotiating skills. 

Challenging the Burden of Proof

No matter what you are charged with, the state has the burden to prove that you are guilty of the charges. From shoplifting to murder, Greg R. LaPapa will work tirelessly to lower the charges that his clients are accused of, if not fight aggressively for an acquittal. One way to do this is to challenge the burden of proof in any way possible, whether that means getting evidence suppressed or witness testimony deemed unusable.

Greg R. LaPapa, Esq. is always prepared to take a case to trial, if necessary. There are criminal defense attorneys that prefer to settle cases with plea bargains, but this is not always in the best interest of a client. It may take some investigative work, which can be time-consuming, but that is no reason for an experienced criminal defense attorney to talk their client into taking a plea deal, especially if the state’s proof is shaky.

There are criminal defense attorneys who shy away from the courtroom. That is not the criminal defense attorney that you need. If your only chance of being acquitted of charges requires you to go to trial, you need a criminal defense attorney who is comfortable with the interior of a criminal courtroom; an attorney who knows how to handle every step of the criminal trial process with tenacity.

Do You Need a Hoffman Estates Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you are looking for a Hoffman Estates criminal defense attorney who will do everything that is necessary to defend your case, call LaPapa Law Group today at (773) 779-9090. Our office is eager to assist you.